Transantiago: The Public Bus System in Santiago Chile

If you want to know the city of Santiago by bus, then you know the public bus system called Transantiago. On the official website you will find buses, tours, maps and all the information needed to get around the city by bus.
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Completos (Chilean Hot Dogs)

A chef´s guide to Santiago Chile

This is a vey good post about eating in a city like Santiago Chile. Have you ever try Chilean Hot Dogs? Completos in Chile are awesome!
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Chilean Money

Paying with pesos in Santiago Chile

You’re never far from an ATM in Santiago. Exchange houses are clustered on Agustinas between Bandera and Ahumada. Cambios Afex (688-1143; Agustinas 1050, Centro; Universidad de Chile) is efficient. There is also a whole bunch of cambios (money exchangers) on Av Pedro de Valdivia in Providencia, although some will not change traveler’s checks apart from
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Santiago Chile

5 Barrios in Santiago Chile you should visit

This is a very good guide for all the people who want to visit some typical and different places of Santiago Chile. Original link:
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San Cristobal

Visiting Santiago Chile by The New York Times

This is a very good article for all travellers who want to know a little bit more about the city. The New York Times, a very important media has an interesting section about travel on their site, and they have this amazing column about Santiago Chile. You can read the entire post here Original link:
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