Chilean MoneyYou’re never far from an ATM in Santiago. Exchange houses are clustered on Agustinas between Bandera and Ahumada. Cambios Afex (688-1143; Agustinas 1050, Centro; Universidad de Chile) is efficient. There is also a whole bunch of cambios (money exchangers) on Av Pedro de Valdivia in Providencia, although some will not change traveler’s checks apart from US dollars. The branch of Afex (223-7202; Av Pedro de Valdivia 44, Providencia; Pedro de Valdivia) has the widest range of exchange facilities, but check the rates elsewhere for the best deal. You can exchange cash at the airport, but rates are pretty poor. Note that cambios pay slightly less for traveler’s checks than for cash.

Numbers you can call if you lose your credit cards or traveler’s checks:
Amex (800-201-896)
Diner’s Club (800-220-220)
MasterCard (1230-020-2012)

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